Today I am not going to share an entire wedding report with you, but rather I’ll just share the pictures from the bride and groom photoshoot at a wedding I got to photograph this year in the town of Plau am See. It was a special wedding because I have known the groom for years and so there was a personal connection. Those are always the nicest weddings.

But this couple was also really special for me. It’s hard to be more relaxed than these two. Often the bride fusses a lot about her styling and make-up, but not this time. The bride got herself ready and was in her dress before the groom could tie his tie. I’d say it was a world record. I was particularly impressed by how calm and col they were. She reminded me a little of Uma Thurman. That helped to make our photo session something really special. The setting was a campground at the lake. Ideas that might terrify most couples in their wedding gear became invitations for these two. Is there anything nicer than posing in a camping chair in front of a camper van? Haha, that was a lot of fun. The pictures don’t really show it. They have an element of sadness and I must admit: I really like that. Now, you might think that a wedding is something nice and happy. Yeah, sure it is, but this couple didn’t want to dance around in front of the camera. They prefer it a bit more toned down, dream, melancholic. That’s what I love about these photos.

It would be terribly unfair to my other bridal couples to say that I have a favorite couple. But in this case I really do have to admit that these photos are pretty high up on my list.