A very special wedding rang in the start of this year’s wedding season for me. I’ve known the bride for a while and I still have to give her a lot of credit for not completely denying knowing me after the first time we met. It all started a number of years ago on the back seat of a taxi in Munich… But that story is best kept a secret.

It’s always great to have a personal connection to the people you’re taking pictures of. Knowing each other makes a huge difference. You interact differently and you get very different photos. That’s why I spend a lot of time with each couple before the wedding in our preliminary meeting and at a pre-wedding photoshoot. But having a shared past, even if it’s an embarrassing one, is still a whole different ballgame.

So I headed out on this cloudy day in May to Castle Ulrichshusen, an idyllic estate that looks like it’s straight from a fairy tale and is the perfect backdrop for any fairy tale wedding. What may sound like the beginning of a cheesy movie goes out the window as soon as the groom enters the scene. Our protagonist is not just good-looking, he’s also glib and quick on the comeback, which is just the right thing to bring the beautiful yet tough bride out of her shell and put a huge smile on her face. It’s great to have an ally like that and all you have to do as the photographer is capture it all. To put it short: we laughed a lot.

A special word of praise goes out to my dear friend, the spectacular make-up artist Femke Schuh, who really put the icing on the cake with the styling and make-up. As I entered the castle’s fireplace room and Femke was already at work, it felt like coming home. That also helps make for fantastic pictures.

It was an unusual wedding for me and I could write loads more, but I’ll keep it short. Just take a look at the pictures, which really speak for themselves. The only downer from a photographer’s point of view was the very limited amount of time we had for the photos of the couple, which was cut down by the oncoming drizzle and the bride’s wet feet. And here I’d told her to pack rain boots – they come in white too 😉