It was just supposed to be a short trial photo shoot for the upcoming wedding. But this couple hopped on the opportunity and brought along a few props. And just like that, the pre-wedding trial photo shoot turned into a themed couple’s photo session. I can’t really say what the theme was, exactly, but it was kind of a vintage/Bonnie & Clyde thing and I really enjoyed it. These two were awesome and a great example for how to really take a photo shoot up a few notches with a little prep work. Just pack a few cool outfits and some props and already it turns into something special. So if you decide to have couple’s portraits done, then think of a motto or at least a style for the photo shoot. Trust me, it’s definitely worth it. I really love these photos and I am definitely looking forward to the wedding. That makes not just the couple happy, but also the photographer.

The last two pictures are a bit different. But I think they are just too funny, so I had to include them here.

Want to do an off-beat themed couple’s photo shoot? YES PLEASE!!!