The idea to do a photo shoot inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey came from our model Louisa. I’ll admit it: I first had to go and do some research about what that meant. But it didn’t take long for me to get really keen on the idea. I’ve even read the book now and I must say that I’ve rarely come across a book with such a trivial plot that still “captivated” me the way it did. Oh, the power of mental images…

Well okay, it was only supposed to serve as inspiration anyway. So the pictures aren’t meant do depict specific parts of the book. And while I must admit that the idea of a handcuffed model in my studio did put a smile on my face, it was also pretty embarrassing when I realized how difficult it really is to tie someone up with a rope. I can just about manage a sailor’s knot, but tying one that actually looks good in the photo is quite a challenge. Guess I’ll have to ask an expert.

But enough talk. If you want to know, you can read about it yourselves.

Make-up is by Femke Schuh. The models are Louisa Mazzurana and Eric Schulz.