During my stay in Los Angeles, I also had a few actors lined up to photograph. The first was Don Jeanes, whose name I had never heard until that day, though I did know one or two of the projects Don has worked on. For starters, there’s the Budweiser commercial that ran during the 2013 Super Bowl. Oh man, the Americans sure do make an ordeal about that. The commercials are like movies, loads of drama. It’s like the Super Bowl is one big advertising industry presentation ceremony. But I do like commercials that are done well, though I prefer other beer 😉 Don can also be seen in Transformers 3, so I was even more curious to see who I was going to be meeting.

I turned down a small side street in Hollywood and parked in Don’s underground garage. Shortly after that, we shook hands and the ice was immediately broken. An incredibly courteous, polite guy who made it evident right from the get-go that he was really looking forward to our meeting and had plenty of time. Well then everything would be great. The garage and the roof were going to be our locations. Add excellent Californian weather and a fantastic sunset – what more could you ask for? Of course, as a tourist in LA, the view of the Hollywood sign is really something special for me. It all felt kind of unreal. But a picture’s a picture and it doesn’t really make a difference if you’re taking them in Hollywood or in Bielefeld. Don had a few ideas about which pictures he wanted but gave me free rein otherwise.

I could have gone on snapping forever, but of course the natural end of our photo session came when the sun went down. Man, it was pretty cool being on a roof in Hollywood. LA, I’ll be back.

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