I started the “Rock it Rocket” project together with Louisa Mazzurana. In the video we show you how we go about a photo shoot together, from the idea to the finished photo. The topic of the first episode was a lingerie shoot in a hotel. You might have seen the pictures already, but probably in color since the colors were fantastic in the end results. Take a look in the shop; some of the pictures can be found there.

For my portfolio website I’ve opted to process some of the photos again in black & white. As you may have noticed, about 80% of my photos are black & white, so it made sense to share this version too. I think Louisa looks great in black & white, too. Really hot, always classy.

The trailer for the first episode is available on YouTube (German only, sorry!).

There is also a Facebook page for the Rock it Rocket (Schubrakete in German) project.