Wedding with or without the dog

Every wedding story starts with the first meeting. That’s how it was this time too. When two dog-owner couples meet, the main topic of conversation is pretty clear. Who could still think about the wedding then? We saw Jenny and Thies again with their lapdog Chip just before Christmas for our dog photo shoot. I was pretty impressed by their Great Dane then already. That made me look forward to our little pre-wedding trial session even more. Both Chip and our Pincher mix Scampi were in attendance. Chip turned out to be an ace photobomber. He wanted to be in every picture, but he didn’t want to pose. Great. My darling wife Tanja had already volunteered to dogsit during the wedding – having the wedding without Chip there would have been unthinkable. I had great pictures going through my head of a gigantic Dane in front of the altar and grimaces on the faces of the guests, who were trying in vain to protect themselves from the gobs of slobber hurtling towards them at 250 km/h. Award-winning pictures are practically guaranteed.

Then we got to the actual day of the wedding. Jenny and Thies had made the sensible choice of bringing Chip to a doggy hotel. To be honest, that was the best decision, for their sake and their guests. I, however, was robbed of the main subject of those photos I had imagined. I’ll admit, I was a little sad.

But great weather and a couple that floated through the day with huge smiles on their faces more than made up for that. No slobber anywhere. It was a rough schedule: the marriage license ceremony at Hamburg City Hall in the morning, wedding ceremony at the church in the afternoon and then the reception party in the former customs building in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt in the evening. Everything that makes a wedding photographer’s heart flutter and, with a long day like that, also makes bones and back ache the next day. By the time I presented them the finished photos, though, I definitely knew why I keep doing this to myself. It’s pretty addictive.

© Patrick Ludolph – Wedding Photographer

Wedding with or without the dogPatrick