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I used to shy away from the idea of photographing strangers’ weddings. These days I know that there really are much worse ways to earn a living.

I love getting to spend the most important day of your lives, your wedding day, with you. Who doesn’t like having clients who are happy and in a great mood? I used to work in Marketing and I know how “clients” can be. While photographing weddings might seem a little kitschy, I know that a lot of people I know would love to have my job. And it makes me grateful that I get to do this job.

What will you get from me?

Pretty much the whole shebang. We would love to accompany you on your special day for the whole day – getting ready, getting your hair done, getting dressed, the drive to the church, the wedding ceremony, exchanging rings, the first kiss, group photos, the wedding portraits of course, and the big party.

We want to be right in the thick of it and capture every moment of your day. You’ll have a photographer following you around all day. But don’t worry, we don’t smell funny. The whole thing then gets turned into a video slideshow, a photobook and of course number of photo galleries that you can view online and share with your friends. Everything gets put together so it’s ready to show.

All of the photos are edited, of course, and will bear our own personal style. We consider it a matter of course that you get all of the pictures in full resolution. We don’t truck with the idea of charging for each copy of each picture. Our passion for photography is our service.

We’ll talk beforehand to get to know you and your hopes and ideas. The match needs to fit, after all. Who would want to hire a photographer and then find out on the day of the wedding that he smells funny, right? A trial shoot is included, so that you’re warmed up for the actual wedding photos and so that we know just what to do on your big day. Time is tight, after all, and you’ll be bursting with excitement.

We always work as a team at weddings. The second person isn’t just there to schlep my bag but to take more pictures from another angle. One person can’t be everywhere at the same time, after all. That way we can also give each other feedback and keep everything in mind. All of this serves to ensure that you get really great wedding photos.

What will you not get from us?

We want to tell a story, so you can’t book us just for the ceremony, just for the signing of the marriage license or just for the party. We want to accompany you on your day. That’s what we love to do and that’s what you should book us for. It’s all or nothing, as they say. Book us for your wedding and you will be rewarded with memories that last a lifetime and don’t just sit in a box collecting dust. Our goal is to shoot unique wedding photos that put a smile on the face of anyone who looks at them and that draw the viewer in for a closer look at your wall of photos because they’re something special.

What does it cost?

We’ll have to talk about money at some point. We don’t work with a fixed price list that we can just send you, though. There’s no getting around talking to me beforehand. I’ve summarized some more about that here.

When can we get started?

Just send us an email with a bit of information about your wedding. We’ve made a contact form you can use to do so. Or just call me at +49 (0)40 57129176.

Where do we work as wedding photographers?

We are all based in Hamburg and do most of our work as wedding photographers in and around Hamburg, but we do travel farther from time to time. It’s always a great honor for us to get called for a wedding farther away, since we know there are wedding photographers everywhere. Traveling to shoot a cool wedding is great fun for us. We don’t charge extra for weddings within about 50 km of Hamburg. If I need to drive or fly farther, then I charge you only for my travel and lodging expenses. We’ll also often offer a special deal for special locations we’ve never been to before.

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