Wedding in the rain, no photos allowed

It’s a well-known fact that May is one of the most popular months for weddings, even in Hamburg. But at some point, someone should really figure out that May is more an autumn/winter month. This year, once again, it rained almost non-stop. This couple also fell victim to May’s moist tendencies, with the pastor making the wise observation that sunny days as well as rainy times also characterize a marriage. And as if the rain weren’t bad enough, he even issued a ban on photography in the church. Bad news for me, but there’s not much you can do – he was very firm on the matter. So I took up position in the back row with my silent X100s.

I couldn’t be a wedding photographer Hamburg if I didn’t have a backup plan for rainy wedding days. We headed to a covered outdoor location which has some really interesting Greek columns that I like a lot. The light there is great too, rain or shine. This couple took everything in stride and, after a champagne shower, we had a really fun wedding photo shoot. Yes, even a rainy day can be great. The pictures often turn out even more interesting that on days when the weather is nicer. The only downside is that it’s wet and cold. After about an hour, all you want to do is warm up. The hotel bar was perfect for a few final shots. That was definitely one of those weddings where you ask yourself “Man, what did we do to deserve this?” and then, when you see the pictures, you think “Wow, that was really something special.”

© Patrick Ludolph – Wedding Photographer

Wedding in the rain, no photos allowedPatrick