Scott and Merritt’s Wedding in the Kinsterna Resort in Greece

“Looks like another one got through the spam filter” was the first thought that popped into my head as I skimmed through the email, written in English. I was just about to delete it, but something made me hesitate. After reading it more closely, the short request did actually seem to be real, even if it sounded somewhat surreal.

“We are a couple from San Francisco and we are getting married in September in Greece. Are you available and would you want to photograph our wedding?”

Uh, how on earth did they decide to ask me? What would connect me to San Francisco and Greece? But hey, I replied nonetheless. Then we met via Skype and the rest is history.

I met Merritt a few weeks later in New York. How weird – I happen to be in New York and so is she. I feel super crazy international right now. But then I knew that it would be really good. Planning it wasn’t easy, of course. Tons of emails back and forth. Flights, hotels, rental cars – it all had to be organized. But by some miracle it all worked out. The week before we flew to Greece, I jetted to Rome quickly for Scott and Merritt’s pre-wedding trail session. That alone was pretty amazing.

It’s pretty easy to get to Greece, but then we had to drive four hours in the rental car in pouring rain to Hotel Kinsterna in Monemvasia. Oh geez, we’re at the edge of the world. The whole trip from Hamburg to Monemvasia took about 12 hours. You could fly to San Francisco in that time.

The warm welcome we were given by Scott and Merritt’s friends and family melted away all the stress of the trip in an instant. The weather cooperated after that, too, and we had five unforgettable days with a really cool gang of people to look forward to. By the last day I’d even remembered almost everyone’s name 😉

The wedding itself was pretty much the most relaxed wedding I have ever experienced. We met at the pool in the morning and sipped a few cocktails; the wedding started at 2 PM and was incredible. Outside, a cool 30°C (that’s 86°F) and the sun slowly setting. I could almost cry – I’m writing this from a very cold and rainy Hamburg.

Hmm, somehow everything seems different when the entire wedding party is in vacation mode. The Kinsterna Hotel is a fantastic resort that you could happily spend all day in. Super-comfy rooms and great service. I have to say – there really are much worse jobs in this world.

Thank you, Scott and Merritt, it was an unforgettable experience. We are so glad to have made so many new friends. 

Scott and Merritt's Wedding in the Kinsterna Resort in GreecePatrick