The Model Next Door

One of my primary activities is taking portrait photos of normal people, meaning people that don’t stand in front of the camera regularly. Then I’m more a psychologist that a photographer. A typical photo session begins with the protagonist coming into my studio and emphasizing right away that he or she is actually the least photogenic person on earth. Actually in the whole universe, including all aliens.

That’s about how things started when I met this lady. She said something about a trauma with photos and then pushed all responsibility to me. “I am leaving it all up to you, you have to make it work,” she said. Somehow it seems like going to a photographer to have pictures taken is right up there with going to the dentist for a root canal. What a crazy world, in which selfies are being snapped like crazy but no one likes to have their picture taken.

Whatever. Right after the first warm-up shots it was clear that this was a classic case of fishing for compliments. I’ve rarely seen someone so relaxed, at ease and totally happy in front of the camera. It was a joy to wander along Hamburg’s fish market and use every possible chance in the setting autumn sun for great portraits. Somehow it’s the “Models Next Door” that are the most fun for me because they are always that much more excited about the results.

The Model Next DoorPatrick