Fashion Editorial … Or Something Like That

I’m not really all that well-versed in the world of fashion and glamor. The term “editorial” never really meant anything to me. I really only had a vague idea that it referred to fashion photos that are a bit more unusual. Oh man, call it whatever you want to. If there’s a pretty model, a cool location and great make-up, I’m in.

So I teamed up with my stylist friend Femke to spend a relaxed afternoon in the woods near Hamburg. I know the girls are into this fashion stuff, so I am happy to oblige. Let’s be honest: there are worse things than spending the day with two gals and taking awesome pictures like these. Femke was in charge of styling and make-up, so I left that bit up to her. I had something out in nature in mind, although I generally prefer urban environments. But as long as they are birch trees instead of oaks, then I am happy to head out into the woods. The slender birch tree really does go better with our model than a big fat oak tree. All I had to say was “be a birch” … okay, now I’m digressing to the inside jokes from our photo shoot.

There’s one thing that I notice time and again with my photos. The clothes and the styling are important for the “bigger picture”, but in the end it’s really the person that I am taking pictures of. I guess that’s why I’ll never be a fashion photographer.

If you want to see more of Kristina, take a look at our photobook “Audrey & Fred”. The eyes on the cover are hers.

Fashion Editorial ... Or Something Like ThatPatrick