Couple’s session in Rome

I’d never been to Rome before and my first visit was quite jam-packed. I flew to Italy’s capital city for just one day and one night to shoot a trial session with Scott and Merritt. The two of them had flown in from San Francisco and were just making a quick stop in Rome on their way to Greece, where they were getting married the week after. But I’ll tell you that story separately.

We spent the day together in Rome – we strolled through the alleys, had delicious Italian food, went to the markets and did plenty of sightseeing. And I photographed them doing all that. Scott and Merritt were also the kind of people who firmly believe that they are not photogenic. Balderdash. After a few pictures to loosen things up, everything went totally smoothly and soon my memory card was chock full of great pictures. But I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. I, for one, am totally in love with the pictures of the two of them.

I also got to meet a really great couple and part of their family, plus I got to practice my rusty English a bit. Polite as Americans tend to be, they of course let me believe that my English is perfect. Haha.

I certainly won’t forget this quick trip, and I definitely need to go to Rome again. The ancient buildings are so monumentally impressive that I was completely blown away.

Thank you, Scott and Merritt, for putting your trust in me although we’d only met via Skype. It was super cool.

More about their wedding in Greece coming soon!

Couple's session in RomePatrick