Absolutely mesmerizing – Sophia Bui

I haven’t met too many people who seem as fun-loving as Sophia Bui. It’s also rare that someone can present you with as many different faces as she can. I visited Sophia at home in LA and was immediately greeted very loudly by her two Chihuahuas. A lady needs protectors, after all. Right from the start, I felt really comfortable with Sophia. It is a little strange to go to a stranger’s house and enter their personal space to take pictures there. So I was pretty glad that my wife Tanja and Karen from Canvas Casting, who had organized the shoot, were also there. The midday sun was beating down on Los Angeles, which didn’t exactly lend itself to taking photos outside. After a few pictures around Sophia’s block, we headed into the bedroom. Of course with her two canine guardians. What can I say? Working with Sophia was absolutely mesmerizing and relaxed. Not only is she gorgeous, she’s also really funny.

Even though Sophia says that black & white isn’t all that popular with acting agencies in LA, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from also editing most of them in black & white. It just suits my style and also the mood of our photo shoot much better. The agencies have no idea what they’re missing while they’re busy focusing on the colors 😉

Absolutely mesmerizing - Sophia BuiPatrick