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Hi there,

I’m Patrick Ludolph, I was born in 1972 and I love taking pictures. I’m not really a photographer, at least not a trained one. I worked in online marketing for many years, but photography has always been my hobby and my passion. And so, one day, I turned my hobby into my job.

I believe that nothing is more important than being passionate about what you do. I also believe that this comes across well with clients. My passion for photography makes it feel not like a job but like a lot of fun. If you really want to do something, then you jump right in and can’t help but get better with each step. I also think that’s exactly what my clients appreciate, because I have an easy-going approach to these things. I like to work on casual, friendly terms and, most of all, I want to have fun. That tends to be contagious – and that’s when we get the really unforgettable photos.

Taking pictures of people is one of the greatest challenges. Everyone is different and you have to engage with and get to know new people all the time. People have feelings too, and they show them – at the very latest when they see the pictures. And that’s when I know why I do what I do.

If you would like to have me photograph you or your wedding, then I would be happy to hear from you. Just drop me a line – a bit of a chat is always interesting and of course free.

I also write the photography blog neunzehn72.de. You can read all about what I am up to there, can see some work that isn’t posted here and, above all, can read all about my favorite topic: photography.

Oh yeah, you’ll find me on Facebook too.

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