It’s hard out there for an actor sometimes. Especially when you’re shooting on two sets in one week and you’ve got a beard in one but not the other. Everything needs to be timed very carefully so that it all works out right in the end. First you film with the beard, then shave it off, then film the part without the beard. That’s about how it was planned for our portrait photo session with the actor Tayfun Baydar too. First a few pictures with the beard and then off with it! Except not – one scene couldn’t be filmed the day before, so the beard had to stay over the weekend. Alas, now we’ve got pictures of Tayfun with the beard – we’ll get some without it later.
We got really lucky with the weather during our photo shoot. The continual clouds over Hamburg actually parted for a few moments and let the sun through, so we ventured out onto the roof of my studio. We yearned for the warmth of the indoors, but at least we didn’t have to drive forever to get to some location, which did make for a very efficient photo shoot.
And Tayfun? Well he’s a funny guy. He actually thought I would be able to advise him on fashion… hahaha. Good thing my wife Tanja is also at our photo shoots.