I haven’t shared a lot of wedding photos this year. That’s because I only photographed a few weddings. I had to keep the number of weddings I shot lower this year in order to not lose the fun of it. Today I’d like to share photos from a very special wedding, though. Everything was perfect that day. I’ve rarely seen a bride so relaxed, and that with a baby that got hungry during the wedding ceremony. Babies don’t really care if Mommy is busy right now getting married to Daddy. “Whatever, I’M HUNGRY!” Which is why there was an unscheduled 30 minute break during the ceremony. You gotta love that. Like I said, they were completely relaxed and took it all in stride with some healthy laughter.

I was particularly glad to be able to work with the make-up artist Nadja Neumann, who I had the great pleasure of working with earlier this year in Prague for the steampunk photo shoot.